Having good nutrition should be a vital part of your healthy lifestyle. It involves exercising, eating healthy foods, avoiding vices and many more. There are many ways that people can achieve good health. But the most important thing is eating nutritious foods such as foods and vegetables.

One of the best fruits that a person should eat at least once a day is apple. Why this fruit? What are the health benefits you can get from it? Here are some of the benefits and merit of an Apple Diet:

  1. Healthier and whiter teeth. Even though apple cannot replace toothbrush and toothpaste for your mouth, but eating apply helps stimulate the saliva which reduces the chance of having tooth decay and lowering the levels of germs inside your mouth.

  2. Protect you from having Parkinson’s disease. People who eat fruits and other high fiber will have the amount of protection level that fights against this kind of disease. Researchers have found out that apply contain antioxidants which have radical-fighting power.

  3. Avoid getting Alzheimer’s. There is a study about drinking apple juice that keeps away and fighting the effects of brain getting old. Scientists have study mice feeding them apple and showed high level of neurotransmitter acetycholine.

  4. Reduce the level of cholesterol. It has enough fiber which combines with the fats in the intestine. It causes you to remove cholesterol and keeps you healthier.

  5. Reduce also diabetes. When you can eat one apple a day there is a 28% that you less likely to avoid having diabetes than those who don’t. The fruit is loaded with lots of fiber which is a key to regulating blood sugar.

  6. Neutralizes bowel movement. Problems in bowel movement can be diarrhea, constipation, bloating or abdominal pain. Doctors said this is due to fatty and dairy foods which are why you need to eat lots of fiber.

These are the merits of eating apple and the nutritious benefits. You can discover more benefits when you start this kind of diet.